Stephanie is very kind. She cares about me and makes me feel comfortable with acupuncture. She changes her routine to help me with what I need since I don't like needles. She helps me with many things.

Evan (age 9)

I can't say enough good things about Stephanie. She is knowledgeable, caring, flexible, and very kind. She has helped in so many ways, and I trust her completely. Not only has she helped my health, she has taught me about my health so I can take better care of myself. The best complement I can give Stephanie is to allow her to treat my children as well. She has helped us in so many ways!


Forty years of migraines. Tried a lot of migraine meds, both over the counter and RX, including botox, until their effectiveness stopped. I was referred for acupuncture one and half years ago with great success. I'm in charge of my life again, not my migraines. I'm sixty-five and retiring looks so much better without daily migraines. Stephanie has brought so much joy to my life. I can now make plans in advance and nor worry about what if I get a migraine.


I started seeing Stephanie in June 2010, for my Fibromyalgia pain.  The doctor wanted to give me yet another prescription - I said no and suggested acupuncture.  I was mailed a list of over 300 clinics in the Portland/Vancouver area.... I had no recommendation and wanted someone who was close to home.  So I narrowed it down and finally picked Stephanie.  I usually don't get very lucky just randomly picking something, but God must have had a hand in this choice, because besides marrying my husband, I made an excellent decision choosing her.  It's amazing how even after the first session, my pain was greatly decreased.  After seeing Stephanie 2 times a week for 3 months, the pain was barely noticeable - some days I don't even remember that I have Fibro problems.  I sleep better, have more stamina and overall feel better!  She's been such a blessing to my life and to my health.  What's great about Stephanie is that she doesn't just treat what the doctor refers you for, but the whole body.  She's helped with my headaches, arthritis in my knees and fingers, tummy issues and pulled back muscles. Stephanie gives you her time and attention - she's not just an acupuncturist, she's a shoulder to cry on, if needed, and an all around really good person, making you feel safe and comfortable while getting you back on the road to recovery!  I truly appreciate how dedicated she is to her patients and her gift of healing.  She's a special person and I'm very lucky to be under her care.


Stephanie has been instrumental in providing me with a healthy and effective choice when it comes to my pain management. Due to a serious back injury that drove a disc into my spinal column completely choking my spinal cord. I recently had back surgery to repair the damage. I have also suffered severe nerve damage. The Doctors have had me on extremely high dosages of steroids, morphine, oxycodone, neurontin, cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxer) and a hammer to knock myself out in case the narcotics didn't kill the pain. I thankfully turned to Stephanie instead of utilizing the hammer. I have been seeing her for years to address health-related issues - particularly my sleep disorder. Stephanie's expertise in the age-old and proven methods of Chinese medicine provides me the only pain relief I have experienced since my injury.  I fear addiction to narcotics - not even counting how stupid they were making me. However it is safe to say I am addicted to Stephanie's way and her medicine. She has conducted a lot of research on my behalf so she knows best where to flow the energy therapy. I come back to see her twice a week for her to stick needles in me - why would I do that if it didn't work.


In 2008 I became sick, very sick. After many tests and blood work, the doctor's (15 in all) diagnosed my condition as P.O.E.M.S.  (acronym for medical terms), which is a rare blood disease that attacks your nervous system. The chances of getting this disease is about 0.00048, it's like winning the lotto, being hit by lightning or getting caught in an earthquake all on the same day! Well, I haven't won the lotto, nor have I been struck by lightning, yet I came down with this rare disease. I lost a lot of weight (106 lbs.), and my legs felt like pin cushions with millions of pins in them, my balance was affected while trying to walk (like being drunk), or my legs would give out completely. Through radiation and chemotherapy the medical profession has stopped the progression of the disease. some of my doctors feel that the probability of my walking again is zero. There is no magic pill that will reverse the damage to my nerves. I deal with pain on a daily basis. Think about when your foot goes to sleep, that numb, tingling feeling you get and then your foot starts to wake up. those pins and needles hurt, now times that by 10, this is what I feel all the time (your pins and needles stop, mine don't). My medical doctor prescribed pain medication, lots of it. As my tolerance for the medication increased, the medication had to be increased. I was in an opiate stupor 99% of the time. This is not how I wanted to live my life. I wanted to be a participant, not a zombie.

One day, one of my doctors mentioned using acupuncture, as an alternative to more pain medication. This is how I met Stephanie. What can I say about her? She gave me back my life. After just 3 treatments I was feeling a difference. On some days I feel little or no pain which enabled me to reduce the amount of pain medication I take on a daily basis. I have cut back 2/3 of the medication and with the help of a walker I can take a few steps, which a few doctors said I would never be able to do again. I'm engaged in life again. I have a few doctors that are very skeptical of this treatment, but even they can see the improvement in my physical condition. Acupuncture works!

THANK YOU,  Stephanie for giving me my life back!!!