Hello and welcome, your interest is appreciated.  I first want to congratulate you on your eminent/recent graduation. I recall quite well the feelings I had about launching myself into the world with my new tools to help others. I had run my own business prior to going to OCOM, so I think it helped me at least know how to do that and know I could do it again.

I graduated from OCOM in 2002 and have been practicing with our group At Grafton Family Chiropractic sine fall of 2003. Dr. Grafton and the massage practitioners are all independent contractors, providing excellent friendly care. We are a fun and lighthearted group, but we take patient care seriously. Our office has grown quite busy over the years and I have decided to bring on another acupuncturist. I currently practice 3 days a week, seeing 40 patients, which leaves 3 days available at the clinic. I do not wish nor need to work more hours, though occasionally I add days as patient load demands. I like my current practice model, which allows me to give my best and stay happy and healthy.

If you are a good match and hired for the position everything will be paid for you except your initial licensing fees. This includes malpractice insurance, insurance billing, rent office management/scheduling, renewal of licensing fees, table, supplies, sheet service, etc...

Here is what I'm looking for. As I have been through the program at OCOM I have every faith that you are well educated. It would be nice if you have some experience in Tuina or other therapeutic massage which could enable you to see some MVA folks who just want massage when the other practitioners are busy. However , this is not necessary. The most important qualities I am looking for is an open mind, no set ideas on how you want to practice and a willingness to follow of protocols. If your deepest desire is to start your own business and practice exactly how you want , this position is not for you. But, if you wish to start seeing patients quickly, become part of a fully developed business with minimal financial outlay on your part, this could be a golden opportunity for you. Our business model is patient focused, though money is important of course int he running, patient 's care comes first.

A significant part of why I wish to bring into my business the right person, who my patients will also connect with, is to care for them when I am not available. This is an extension of my love for my patients and of course I will want the best for them. This is not a matter of just credentials, but an ethic and personality that drives caring for others. I want someone I really like who can become part of our family of practitioners and I will support your growth and be there to guide you if you want.

Compensation: You will be paid an hourly wage to be in the office, a higher wage for patient hours billed and opportunity for bonuses. I want you to be motivated to do your part to grow the business, but in our busy office I feel it will come fairly quickly.

Please send your information via email to: or by regular mail to Acupuncture in Vancouver 615 SE Chkalov  Dr. Suite 7, Vancouver WA 98683.

Please NO phones calls to the office, thank you.